Monday, October 21, 2013

It turns out, you *do* need math when creating a story... dammit.

I'm in the exciting new weeks of story creation for my National Novel Writing Month 2013 journey. I decided to really buckle down and figure out semi-realistic numbers for population, land area, number of settlements, etc. Mostly because readers like to know these things, and will reverse-engineer them later on unless the author thought about it ahead of time. I'm *trying* to do my future fans a favor and have some clue as to what's what.

Alas, working with numbers has never been my strong suit. I mumbled and swore and was irritated about the whole process for the majority of my Sunday. My loving husband just sent me this:

In other words, my future fans are going to roll their eyes at me - hopefully with loving tolerance - and come up with their own, more accurate, numbers for my crafted world.

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