Friday, October 25, 2013

Didn't I make that word already?

I can clearly remember sitting in my high school English class, bored out of my mind from the tedium of grammar being pounded into my barely-focused brain. Happily for me, that class usually degenerated into a debate with the guy who sat next me, a British fellow, about how horrible the American system of government was compared to his native UK. Needless to say, I only absorbed the bare minimum of grammatical knowledge during that year, not counting what I'd already learned from Schoolhouse Rock.

Since then, I've only found the very basics of grammar to be of interest. Until today, when I set out - with the help of a wonderful workshop by Holly Lisle - to create my own invented language.

And I did it!! It's probably not the most beautiful language that has even been created. I'm certain what I have hammered out would make poor Mr. Tolkien weep. But it will serve my purposes for the story I'm going to write in November, and dammit I'm proud of it! I waded through the basics of nouns and verbs, figured out conjugations, pronouns, tenses, cases, articles, syntax... you name it, I've worked with it today.

Les ulaban jo'lisa, les xifenhan'il sol wolsinmin! (I feel joy, I created a language!)

Ves, les ulaban jo'shon. Zzzzz... (Also, I feel tired. Zzzzz...)

For anyone who is interested in the course, "Creating a Language Clinic" by Holly Lisle, you can find it here:

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